Very Experience Company

Excellent Customer Service, Technician got the job done with a great attitude and did it fast…..Very experience company!  - Nigel B, CEO

They Are Great!

I am the owner of Bertrand Bailbonds and I currently have 6 computers with Priority 1 Computers. Recently we were experiencing a slow down of both computer speed and internet access. They were able to come in and resolve the issue fairly quickly considering it was happening on 6 different computers. This was accomplished with little delay in our day to day operation. I would recommend Priority 1 Computers to anyone or any business for that matter.. They are GREAT!

 - James Bertrand, CEO

High Level Of Knowledge

Excellent service with high level of knowledge. I recommend!  -Richard M, CEO

Priority 1 Computers Inc.

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Business Users Testimonials

14 Years Still Doing An Incredible Job

I have been using Priority 1 Computers for along time now (14 Years). They have always done an incredible job for us! I highly recommend them to everyone. Especially with the new remote support that they offer. It's fast and saves us time and money. They have been able to fix and direct us through the many challenges of running an intricate auto dealership. They are very easy to do business with and very trust worthy and absolutely honest!
-Luis Noguiera, CEO

13 Years still the best!

Priority 1 is the best computer service company out there. I have used many but switched to Priority 1 about 13 years ago and they have never let me down.  
- Peter Stolz, CEO

Unbelievable Service

 When the CryptoWall Virus threatened to shut down one of my computers in the middle of a deadline, I found Priority 1 Computers on a frantic google search at 5 o’clock in the morning. I called the number and someone actually answered the phone! A real live person! Rick provided me with an immediate solution and there I was continuing my work (on a back-up computer) while a technician began work remotely on my very sick computer. I live in Rhode Island and Priority 1 is based in Florida. Not an issue for me.
It worked. Worked better actually. I didn’t have to leave my office.  I was able to speak directly with one of their technicians, they worked on restoring my computer. The virus had caused extensive damage. They worked their technological magic and I could monitor the progress if I understood it! I don’t. I even checked in with him the other night at 7:30pm. They really are available 24/7. I can’t thank Priority 1 Computers enough. You really saved me a lot of time, trouble and money. I highly recommend them to anyone, anywhere. The remote service is unbelievable.  My best to you all.  

 - Marilyn Browell

Honest, Quality People

I truly can not believe that service like this exist… Honest, quality people that does a great job… Keep up with the great work!  

- Andre Cvijovic, CEO